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Assignment No. 1 (DPB 123)

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NPT 305/NPT 307 Prinicples & Methods of Teaching - Learning Assignment No.2
Due by Date: April 16, 2020
Assignment of DPB 123


A. Description. One of the requirements of this course is to complete two (2) assignments and this assignment is the second. Please keep the following expectations in mind:

  1. Each assignment is worth 100 points.
  2. Read instructions carefully and be sure to complete all aspects of the assignments.
  3. Be thorough and complete in your work.
  4. The assignment was developed to correspond to chapters/topics that we will be studying throughout the term. You will need to turn in your work by the deadlines designated in your syllabus and on the assignment sheet. No late assignments will be accepted.
  5. All written assignments must be typed and double-spaced.
  6. Please use APA rules of citation.
  7. The deadline of submission is on April 16, 2020.
  8. All students must submit a soft copy either in word or pdf format. Please use your ID numbers as the file name of your assignment submission.
  9. You must submit your assignment using the following heading: Assignment 1 – xxxxxx (your ID number)
  10. All assignments must be submit to

B. Purpose: This assignment is related to your class in Psychology

C. Type/Length of activity: Academic Article Reading and Review

Instruction. Read the article entitled, “Burnout syndrome among dental students: a short version of the “Burnout Clinical Subtype Questionnaire” adapted for students” The assignment must contain the components identified the assignment format.

E. ASSIGNMENT FORMAT: (Please see the attachment)
F. HOW WILL YOUR ASSIGNMENTS BE GRADED? (Please see the attachment)


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