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Program Description:
The program of study consists of sixteen (16) course. Each course is offered online. Courses are offered sequentially and support cumulative learning in three core facets: information systems, informatics and information technology.
The competency-based approach incorporates a focus on active learning through hands-on assignments. Students are engaged to “learn how to learn” through experiential learning applied to real-life scenarios. This prepares students to be independent thinkers and researchers that use creative, critical and computational approaches to solve new problems they encounter. The MSHI concentration empowers students to become more expert, regardless of their level, by choices they make themselves in a new field that is still developing. Collaboration is encouraged and everyone learns more when interacting and contributing together. The MSHI curriculum will enable students to:
1.    Work on solutions that support innovation in healthcare.
2.    Learn how to identify key questions to help them define new problems
3.    Design their own unique solutions.
4.    Develop solutions from initial ideas to completion and implementation.
5.    Build an intellectual toolkit of ideas and tactics that meet new industry demands.
6.    Assemble a portfolio of completed projects in their specific area of interest.
Upon completing the MSHI 16-course program, graduates will have a thorough understanding of the tools and practices used to improve the use of information technology throughout all facets of healthcare (including nursing, pharmacy, clinical care, public health and medical research).

MSHI 109 Data Science

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